Want to Embed this tool to your site?



The easiest way to embed Walmart Inventory and stock Checker Tool is by wrapping it in an HTML <iframe> tag in your website.

Example <iframe> setup

Note: In this example, we will be creating an iframe that will embed the URL  https://www.upcbyme.com/WalmartInventoryChecker


1. Add the <iframe> tag to your existing website


<iframe src=" https://www.upcbyme.com/WalmartInventoryChecker" />

2. Adjust the style of the iframe

You may want to change the height, width, and the border of the iframe on your page.


<iframe id="inlineFrame" title="Inline Frame" width="300" height="200" src="https://www.upcbyme.com/WalmartInventoryChecker"> </iframe>